Marca: DAP
Cod produs: D6250G
Pret: 52RON (TVA inclus)
Fara TVA: 44RON
Cant.:  Adauga in cos
   - SAU -   
DAP CST-206  6W, 100V  auriu  reducere 40%
Comanda minima - 6 bucati
Boxa comerciala de tavan de dimensiuni reduse (cat un spot) 
100 V 6 W
Difuzor 2,5 inch
Dimensiuni 101 x 55 mm
Diametru 90mm
Greutate 0,5 kg
CST-206 is for suspended ceiling installation. It has 2.5" 8 Ohm full range speaker and the grille is a metal construction. The assembly can be simply and quickly installed into the ceiling cavity. You can use them conveniently. There are two colour choices. (white and brushed gold) to meet different requirements from customers.
Input power: RMS 6W
Output power: 6, 3, 1,5W
Speaker: 2.5" - 8 Ohm paper cone speaker
Impedance: 100V - 6,6 kilo-Ohm/3,3 kilo-Ohm 
/1,66 kilo-Ohm
70V - 3,3 kilo-Ohm 
/1,66 kilo-Ohm /816 Ohm
50V - 1,66 kilo-Ohm 
/816 Ohm/416 Ohm 
Input voltage: 50, 70, 100V
S.P.L: 86 dB (1W/M)
Material: Metal (Metal grille)
Dimensions: 101 x 55 mm 
Diameter: 90 mm

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