Showtec DigiDim 12 Pro

Showtec DigiDim 12 Pro
Showtec DigiDim 12 Pro
Marca: Showtec
Cod produs: Showtec DigiDim 12 Pro
Pret: 6.749RON (TVA inclus)
Fara TVA: 5.672RON
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Showtec DigiDim 12 Pro este un dimmer digital cu 12 canale a cate 10A pe canal.
The DIGIDIM-12 pro is a DMX 512, 12 x 10 Ampere Digital Module Dimmerpack (3 x 32A) which incorporates a 32 bits high power microcomputer with a time processing unit and a big graphic LCD display.


Separate DMX addressing for each channel. Each channel can be programmed with the DMX address, a control curve, output-limit, preheat and the load check. Free programming of control curves.
• 12 internal memories can be recalled 
as required, the memory can be activated 
to fade-in, fade-out or to chase.
• The chase containing the internal memories 
can be started. 
• The chasing-speed, fadetime and the number 
of steps (1-12) can be programmed.
• DMX-Off or DMX-Failure can start a chase 
or call a memory.
• This dimmer can be completely locked while
the DMX or analog input works normally 
as before.
• DMX and MIDI input.
• Master / Slave mode
• MIDI accepts "program change" signals 
to call the internal memories, chase or "OFF".
Analog input works without any adjustment
Short circuit protection for each channel 
with a 16 A circuit breaker.
• Simple and concise operation due to few, 
clear menus.
• The LCD shows the input or output signals, 
phase voltage, channel setting, memory, etc.
• Alarm of over-voltage and over-temperature 
with switch-off.
• Electronic fuse and load-check
• Single phase connection: 10A/channel, 
total 96A. 
• 3 phase connection: 10A/channel, 
total 32A per phase.
Power requirement: AC 230V 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions: 483 x 436 x 178 mm
Weight: 31 kg


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