Showtec Moving Head LED Phantom 50

Showtec Moving Head LED Phantom 50
Showtec Moving Head LED Phantom 50 Showtec Moving Head LED Phantom 50
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Showtec Moving Head LED Phantom 50
• 18.500 Lux @ 1 M
• 8 Rotating Gobo's & 9 Colors
• easy accessible replaceable gobo's
• Gobo shake, gobo rotate and 3-fact prism
• 16 Built-in programs selectable by DMX

The Phantom 50LED Spot is the bigger brother of the 25LED Spot and has a 50W white LED light source. Besides the stronger output the 50LED spot also has some extra functionality's like rotating gobo´s and a 3-facet prism. The 50LED spot has 8 gobo´s with shake effect and the 9 dichros are the same as the 25LED Spot. This makes them easy to combine. The 50LED Spot can also be used as a master for the 25LED spot in a master/slave setup. It has 2 personalities, an advanced 13-channel and a basic 6-channel setting. The weight is 5,6 Kg and it has only one clamp bracket which makes it easy to handle and position in truss systems. This little moving head will surprise you with its complete functionality and strong light output. An optional flightcase for 2 pcs is available.

Lux @ 1m: 18.500
Beam Angle: 17°
Light Source: 1 x 50W White LED

Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Power consumption: 84W max. at full output
LED Drive Current: 2A

On-Board: Display for auto and Sound control
Control Protocol: DMX512
Control Personality: Advanced 13ch /Basic 8ch

Optical system
Dimmer: 0-100%
Strobe: 0-20Hz
Focus: Manual focus
Prism: 3-facet prism ordercode: D7495B

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