Marca: Clarus Cable
Cod produs: AQUA CAD-010
Pret: 744RON (TVA inclus)
Fara TVA: 625RON
Cant.:  Adauga in cos
   - SAU -   

AQUA CAD-010 1m Video/Digital cablu audio pret/buc

Conductor:  18 AWG 2.4% Silver plated PCOCC; Directional
Geometry:  Solid conductor with 75 ohm impedance same geometry as RG6
Insulator:  Skin-Foamed Polyethylene-Skin
Shield:  Aluminum Mylar Foil - 100% coverage & Tinned OFC Braid - 85% coverage & Copper foil - 100% coverage
Jacket:  UL® CL2 PVC jacket with black & aqua woven over-jacket
Terminations:  RCA single cable

Made in USA

Cablurile Clarus sunt concepute de celebrul Jay Victor, acelasi care a conceput primele produse audiofile la Monster Cable.
Toate cablurile Clarus au:
Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Casting (PCOCC) cu cel mai pur cupru din lume
Mai mult de 9 etape de testare si masurare pentru fiecare cablu in parte
Fiecare manunchi este individual izolat
Impedanta extrem de precisa
Conectori CNC placati cu aur
Montare si lipire prin procedee proprii

Toate cablurile sunt compuse din 3 tipuri diferite de conductor:
- Conductor gros si plin
- Conductor plat
- Conductor panglica spiralata (cu nucleu neconductiv)
Prin designul cu mai multe tipuri de forme ale conductorului, Clarus Cable a imbunatatit cu mult claritatea, rezultand un sunet mai deschis si transparent.

Multi reviwer-eri au ajuns la concluzia ca seria Crimson s-ar putea sa fie cea mai buna dintre cablurile High End.

Developed by celebrated cable designer Jay Victor. Jay Victor was previously in charge of new product
development at Monster Cable. He was instrumental in Monster Cable's entry into the AC surge suppressor/
line conditioner market, and personally participated and managed the designs of most of these products.
 If you're an audiophile, chances are that you're already using a cable or another audio/video component
 that Jay designed. The Clarus Collection features: Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Casting (PCOCC) the purest
 copper in the world, More than 9 separate testing/measurement stages for every cable Individually insulated
 cable strands Extremely precise impedances CNC-machined gold-plate connectors Extraordinary fit and finish
Proprietary Soldering and Restraint Technology
Clarus digital and analog audio Interconnects, speaker, and power cabling are designed with three distinctly
different conductor types: Solid heavy-gauge conductors Flat conductors Spiral-ribbon conductors (with a non-conductive core)
 By designing audio and digital cables with multiple strand sizes and shapes, Clarus Cables dramatically improves clarity, resulting in more open and transparent sound. “

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