LED Complex

LED Complex
LED Complex LED Complex
Marca: Varytec
Cod produs: DB0523
Pret: 369RON (TVA inclus)
Fara TVA: 310RON
Cant.:  Adauga in cos
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The Flower effect is very bright and strong effect through out its big 2 turnable lenses. It is very easy and fast to hand with because of its built in microphone. Through its low current consumption and its low weight, this item can be put in everywhere. LED: f5 20Ma spot LED red (12pc), green (12pc), blue (12pc) Sound control Technical data LEDŽs: 36x 5mm (12x red, 12x green, 12x blue) AC Supply/ Power consumption: AC240V 50 Hz/ max 6,5W Work area: -10°C - 40°C Application in discos, bars or clubs

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