Marca: Coda Audio
Cod produs: DB0057
Pret: 2.323RON (TVA inclus)
Fara TVA: 1.952RON
Cant.:  Adauga in cos
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Boxa pasiva pe 2 cai, sistem de difzuoare de 5 respectiv 1 inch. 2-way passive installation system FEATURES: * Ultra compact 2-way coaxial system * BMS 5"/1" coaxial loudspeaker * Attractive solid aluminium design * Single point source system providing coherent wave front * Superb quality Sound The Coda D5 is a passive 2-way 5"/1" coaxial loudspeaker system designed without compromise to provide a true one point source in an ultra compact package. The D5-T (Tube) incorporates an attractive cylindrical solid aluminium enclosure fitted with an U-bracket while the D5-C (Cube) utilizes a more classical wood enclosure. The cabinet contains a high power BMS 5" woofer and a coaxially mounted BMS 4536 neodymium driver with 44,4mm voice coil. The advanced design aligns the acoustical centres of the transducers to produce a single point source. This unique loudspeaker technology provides a coherent wave front without hot spots. Precise directivity of 90° conical ensures uniform coverage with perfect time alignment between the components. Supported with a full range of mounting and flying accessories the D5 set a state of the art solution for almost any high quality, near field installed sound reinforcement applications.

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