Music&Lights EVO90F Reflector Fresnel LED

Music&Lights EVO90F Reflector Fresnel LED
Music&Lights EVO90F Reflector Fresnel LED Music&Lights EVO90F Reflector Fresnel LED
Marca: Music & Lights
Cod produs: EVO90F
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Music&Lights EVO90F

Reflector Fresnel LED din gama Prolights, cu 9 LEDuri a cate 10W, IP20. Disponibil in versiunea Tungsten (TU) cu temperatura de culoare 3100K si Daylight (DY) cu temperatura de culoare 5600K

EVO90F is a Fresnel fixture with LED source in Prolights range, engineered to exceed conventional projectors in performance and power, creating a real opportunity to replace traditional 500W halogen projectors.
Available in Tungsten (3100K) and Daylight (5600K) versions, EVO90F reproduces the projection uniformity and dimmer linearity of conventional projectors, as well as same usage operations making it a user-friendly projector for technical staff.
Versatility is a key-factor of EVO90F, ie. the DMX-controlled focusing function, allowing transition from 10° spot to 60° flood beam, moving from a pullback shot to a powerful projection on a narrow spot. EVO90F and its set of barndoors allow control over beam shaping and light-field cuts.
EVO90F response is exactly that of a conventional projector, results are natural and shadows have same behaviour of single-source spots. Operations have been optimized allowing replacement of traditional Fresnel luminaries with these LED-powered ones with no change to pre-existing studio setups.
Compared to traditional projectors, EVO90F is only lacking in heat generation, it is characterized by cold working operations, reducing need and cost of air-conditioning in studios and implying a more comfortable environment for both talents and technicians.

Advantages of EVO90F technology:

  • Considerable energy saving during operation
  • Simplified wiring: up to 16 Fresnel in a daisy-chain for both power and signal connection
  • No need for dimmers nor lamp replacement, LED lifespan >50.000h
  • No maintenance operations, ideal when placed out of reach
  • Suitable for long-lasting operations
  • Cost-effective lower need for typical air-conditioned studio requirements
  • Working with industry-standard accessories
  • Virtually indestructible accessories and parts
  • Constant colour temperature over the whole dimming scale
  • Flicker-free for cameras, TV-studios friendly
  • No UV/IR emissions
  • No harm installation in proximity of audience (TV, theaters) or light sensitive objects (museums)
  • User-friendly LED display interface for dimming curve calibration, DMX setup and self-test

Light source and optics

  • 9x10W (3A) LEDs-array
  • Lumen: Tungsten 3090 lm, Daylight 3708 lm
  • Lux (10°): Tungsten 6788 @2m , Daylight 8145 @2m
  • Peak intensity: Tungsten 27000, Daylight 32400cd
  • Color rendering: Tungsten >83Ra, Daylight >70Ra
  • Color Temperature: Tungsten 3100K, Daylight 5600K
  • Beam angle: 10°-60° zoom
  • High-efficiency optics maximizing uniformity of projection, framing precision, color temperature stability over the entire dimming curve
  • Average life LED life: >50,000 hours

Electronics and features

  • Several DMX configurations (1, 2, channels)
    1 channel: dimmer
    2 channels: dimmer, dimmer fine
  • 4-char LED display for control
  • Dimmer curve setting: 5 selectable configurations
  • Flicker-free frequency (>400 Hz) diodes suitable for camera recording
  • Quiet operations, forced-air cooling with no-noise fans

Structure and Power supply

  • High-resistance aluminum body designed to facilitate heat dissipation
  • Designed for compatibility with industry-standard accessories 
  • Internal Protection: IP20
  • Input/Output Power connections: Neutrik NAC3MPA/NAC3MPB
  • Input/Output Signal connections: 3p/5p XLR
  • Suspension bracket, rear handles and clamp levers designed for fast and easy mounting and pointing
  • Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Operating conditions: -20/+45°C
  • Power output for daisy-chain connection of more units: up to 16 projectors at 230V
  • Max output consumption: 100W
  • Weight: 5,5 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 325x281x266 mm

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