Marca: Sirus Pro
Cod produs: DB0466
Pret: 986RON (TVA inclus)
Fara TVA: 828RON
Cant.:  Adauga in cos
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The CXS-3000 is the perfect 1HE player for your audio-rack. This player can read MP3, CD, CDR and CD-RW discs. As addition a USB and SD-Card port are built in at the frontside of the player. This player is equipped with one balanced stereo master output as well as a RCA stereo output. The CD-player has 40 seconds of antishock. The CXS-3000 comes with a IR remote for an easy control. USB Port MP3 remote control 40 sec. antishock ID3 Tags Dimensions (LxHxW) 19" x 1 HE Weight 3,0 kg

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