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These sound systems were developed with Lanz Audio Equipment. Only the best components were used for compiling this range. A very careful matching of all components achieves a very equitable, transparent and airy sound. Finely resolved Highs and precise Lows, care for a clean frequency response. The robust multiplex construction, a very scratch resistant surface and the using of air splints provide valuable features. The entire range is distinguished by headroom, an unobtrusive sound and fatigue-free listening over a long period of time. All components of this series can be combined very well with each other also in combination with subwoofer. Even bass intensive sounds can be realized very well with this range. This range is aimed to all user who are looking for flexibility with very great sound and headroom. A striking feature of this sound system is the high loading capacity, and the of the installed components. The matching of the crossover was chosen in contrast to many other systems so there is even a good sound at less volume. Low loudness is always a nice round sound, caused low set by the crossover frequency. In contrast to the existing PS-Range these speakers are significantly more powerful and offer many more advantages for applications in professional sector. The front mounted high stability grids protect the speakers in the hard road use. 2 grip at the side 18 mm multiplex housing 2 mm front guard 5 mm solid acoustic foam inside Speakon connector in/out flange for stand 38 mm robust texture finish Frenq. Response 30 - OE 500 Hz Power 600W RMS @ 8 Ohm Sensitivity 99 dB Angle of direction - Components 18“ subwoofer Dimensions (LxHxW) 655 x 655 x 655 mm Weight 37,0 kg

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