TXR 1000

TXR 1000
TXR 1000
Marca: Sirus Pro
Cod produs: DB0474
Pret: 665RON (TVA inclus)
Fara TVA: 558RON
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The TXR-1000 USB/Audio/Midi Interface offers all kinds of features for recording and monitoring. Whether single-channel- recording (microphone signal, other playback-signal, etc.) or hum-signal, TXR-1000 offers its wide range of suitable inputs and outputs almost any type of signal interconnection, which is estimated in the everyday-recording. The interface is used by all current sequences-programs automatically. Select it using the default settings of your programs to the TXR, and already, all input and output signals are routed through the device. Another advantage is the USB operation.The device can be powered either by USB or power supply.The latter is only necessary if the built-in amplifier is used in stages. This allows the two outputs on the designated device passive speakers to be close to no power amplifier loudspeaker signals actively listen to. The built-MIDI interface allows connection of midi-enabled devices, for example, controller keyboards and control software. 2 x Mic/line-In combined connector female symmetric XLR76,3 mm jack switchable Mic./Line level input at the front panel with gain control and clip LED 2 x RCA input jack for external effects devices 2 x symmetric 6,3 mm jack output 2 x 6,3 mm jack output with preamp here you can small passive speakers be connected. Through this source is unnecessary for small setups a separate power amp or active speakers. SPIF RCA input / output jack, Midi input / output jack, USB connector, On/Off for phantom 12 V/DC input, Input/output Level control, Switch for USB operating mode (16/24-bit resolution) Regulator for mix-used Input and / or output signal Alternatively, the ratio can be mixed (useful for directly monitoring) Switch for Mono-/Stereo operating +48V switchable phantom Midi In/ Out - Status LEDs Play/Record - Status LEDs 6,3 mm jack Headphone output 48 kHz/96 kHz able Dimensions (LxHxW) 353 x 232 x 83 mm Weight 1,27 kg

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